“If you are wanting to gain confidence and experience on your implant journey, I can’t imagine a better place to obtain it. Dr. Tawil’s course in Mexico is top notch. After ten years of placing implants in my practice and completing hundreds of hours of implant CE, I can say with certainty that I haven’t experienced a course that allowed participants the following: great instructors in a one on one ratio, opportunity to get many repetitions, a chance to see some complex cases, and all done in a first world clinical setting. One of the best ROI courses out there.”

—Shaun Mayatte, DMD, FICOI, FAGD, FICD

“A first class course all the way! Appropriate for any experience level. Wether you’ve done hundreds of implants or haven’t placed a single one you will learn something at this course.”

—Daniel Lester DDS
Endodontic Fellow Royal College of Dentists of Canada
Diplomate American Board of Endodontics

”This is the BEST hands-on CE course in my dental profession. Dr. Isaac Tawil made sure each of us would get cases we ask for based on
our level of experience. Isaac and his team put together a solid program, from the hands-on training, to the hotels and meals.
I am returning for a 2nd 4-days hands on course November 2015 to learn more. AIE course is FANTASTIC and I highly recommend

—Teresa M.

“It’s not possible to say enough about the people at the AIE Institute. They have helped me to bring my dentistry to the next level. My surgical skills have improved dramatically, and they have given me the tools I need to be the best implantologist possible. From preplanning surgical sites, to flap design, and how to obtain primary closure easily, they have hit on all topics. If this wasn’t enough, each one is a phone call or a click of the mouse away, even if you are in the middle of surgery and have a question when at your own office. Not only do I consider them my mentors I consider them my friends. Whether it is a question about a cone beam or just to know if the surgical site looks okay, they have always been there. If you have been on the fence about implantology in your office, I would not even consider risking it with another “institute”, the time and aggravation you will save, not to mention the predictability and fun you will have placing implants makes it worth it time over time. If this isn’t enough, factoring in the cost of the course, implants, motor, etc… it only took me three months to break even, the ROI and the fun factor is incredible. No longer do you have to try to do your best because the surgeon put the implant in a difficult to restore spot, because you are the surgeon and you can place the implant in an area where you can have predictable results. I know I have been there, trying to explain to a pt yes they have an implant, but no I can’t do anything with it due to the location, because of this course I know I wont have to ever have that conversation again!”

—Dr. Zachary Grillo